Emma Watkins is a playwright, scholar and performer, specializing in theatrical (re)inventions of myth and folklore.

With the support of a Fulbright Award, Emma spent the past year in Wales, studying performance adaptations of Welsh traditional stories and writing her new play, Unbecoming. During her time in Wales, a new bilingual version of Emma’s play Trailing Rhiannon was professionally workshopped at Chapter Arts Centre.

She is currently the Literary Apprentice at McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ.

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As a playwright, Emma writes singing stones and swallows that carry letters between worlds.  Her current work focuses on marginalized female characters in myth and folklore.  

Emma’s plays have been performed at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales, the McCarter Theatre Lab, Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts, and at Theatre Intime in Princeton, NJ.  

Emma’s play, Trailing Rhiannon, was featured on the Princeton University homepage, accompanied by this video by Nick Donnoli.

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As a trained singer and actress, Emma has performed in plays, immersive theatre and music theatre.

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