Charlotte Guest is a Victorian housewife and the mother of seven.  Much to her husband’s dismay, she also aspires to be the first to translate into English an ancient collection of Welsh myths called the Mabinogion.  As she translates, she encounters the story of a woman conjured from flowers – a woman forced to become a wife, who is then metamorphosed into an owl as punishment for her infidelity.  In translating her story, Charlotte must confront the feminine role that she both endures and perpetuates. 


Production | Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts | 2021
Directed by Eliana Cohen-Orth, with dramaturg Paige Allen

Reading | PlayPenn Education | 2020
Directed by Jill Harrison, with dramaturg Julia Bumke

Workshop | Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts | 2020
Directed by Daniel Krane

Workshop | Savannah College of Arts and Design | 2020
Directed by Jay Jaski * Delayed due to COVID-19

Reading at Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts; directed by Daniel Krane