Unbecoming is a play about motherhood, mining, and metamorphosis.

Charlotte Guest is a Victorian housewife and the mother of seven.  Much to her husband’s dismay, she also aspires to be the first to translate into English an ancient collection of Celtic myths called the Mabinogion.  In this endeavor, Charlotte encounters the story of a woman conjured from flowers to become a bride.  But when the strictures of motherhood come into conflict with Charlotte’s writing, she considers abandoning her translation. 

While giving birth to her eighth child, Charlotte tumbles into a fevered dream.  There, she watches the Woman of Flowers retell the Mabinogion.  After learning the truth behind the myth, Charlotte must confront the feminine role that she both endures and perpetuates.

Upcoming Development

Reading with PlayPenn Education at the Arden Theatre (2020)
Workshop at Savannah College of Arts and Design (2020)
Reading and Workshop at Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts (2020)

Reading at Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts; directed by Daniel Krane