Trailing Rhiannon

Trailing Rhiannon interweaves Celtic folksong and storytelling techniques to tell the story of a resilient Welsh heroine.

Falsely accused of eating her own child, Rhiannon is forced to stand outside her home, stopping passersby to tell them the gruesome tale of a crime she did not commit.  The story she shares follows the trail of her life: from the Otherworld to this one, past jealous princes and stones that speak, surveyed by birds that dart across the sky with letters in their beaks.  In the search for her story’s ending, Rhiannon discovers something all the more elusive – the proof of her innocence. 


Workshop | Chapter Arts Centre | 2019
Directed by Sam Alice Jones, produced by Little Minute Theatre
Workshop presented with the support of Cardiff University’s School of Welsh, St. Fagan’s Museum of National History, and the Arthurian Society

Showcase Reading | McCarter Theater Lab In The Writer’s Voice | 2018

Production | Princeton University Lewis Center for the Arts | 2018
Directed by Abby Jean-Baptiste


Welsh mythology making waves across the Atlantic
Trailing Rhiannon (Princeton University Homepage)


Lewis Center for the Arts’ Music Theatre Award
Alan S. Downer Prize
Princeton University Environmental Institute Book Prize