Full Length Plays


Charlotte Guest is a Victorian housewife and the mother of seven.  Much to her husband’s dismay, she also aspires to be the first to translate the Mabinogion – a collection of ancient Welsh stories – into English.  As she translates, she encounters the story of Blodeuwedd, a woman conjured from flowers – a woman forced to become a wife, who is then metamorphosed into an owl as punishment for her infidelity.  In translating the story of the Woman of Flowers, Charlotte must confront the feminine role that she both endures and perpetuates.

The Norns of Athens, Maine

Pas, Prësin, and Futur have lived in the Olde Olde Tree in the middle of the Athens dump for as long as anyone here can remember.  They weave a knotted web of threads that dictate the lives and the deaths of all who live in Athens.  This is the story of Hansel and Peter, who escaped from the Spencer Lake P.O.W. camp in 1943.  It is the story of Minerva, who left her home in Boston in 1844.  It is the story of a family headed towards Canada in search of Burger King in 2002.  It is the story of a Moose and some Norns and the Olde Olde Tree that overlooks them all.  It is a story of being forsaken, of wearing out a welcome, of manifest destiny unraveling.

Trailing Rhiannon

Falsely accused of eating her own child, Rhiannon is forced to stand outside her home, stopping passersby to tell them the gruesome tale of a crime she did not commit.  The story she shares follows the trail of her life: from the Otherworld to this one, past jealous princes and stones that speak, surveyed by birds that dart across the sky with letters in their beaks.  In the search for her story’s ending, Rhiannon discovers something all the more elusive – the proof of her innocence. 

Short Plays

You Must Be This Tall To Enter

A one act about rabbit lost in Ikea, Christmas at a drive-in, and finding home in unexpected places.

Production + Development

University, Princeton Theatre Intime (2017)

Ophelia at the Banks of the River Styx

An immersive monologue capturing Ophelia’s final moments on the riverbank.
(Created with the mentorship of Jennine Willett, Co-Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects as part of The Last Boat, a series of multi-media theatrical vignettes telling the story of the last boat to cross the River Styx.)

Production + Development

University, Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts (2016)